The Scale Score Report shows how the students in a class/cohort are distributed along the subject scale.  It also provides a comparison with national reference group data by showing the stanine distribution for the chosen year group and one year each side. This supports teachers to understand the implications of each student's scale position, in line with expected curriculum progress. A shortened form of the student’s name is used. Click on student names to view their Individual Report

Teachers can use this report in the following ways:

  • Organising ability groupings
  • Partnering students for peer mentoring - high and low scale scores
  • Comparing student progress against national norms (stanines/average scale position) remembering that they are  Term 1 benchmarks
  • Following a line of analysis by investigating individual reports at the same scale levels 

It is important to remember that a student’s location on the scale is not a precise point but the best estimate from when they sat the test.  Each scale score always has a margin of error attached to it which takes into account that if the student sat the same test over several days, their raw score would probably vary a little. Applying the margin of error acknowledges that fact, and defines an area of the scale, therefore a level of the curriculum, the student is working in.