Administrators can create the Me and My School Junior and Senior surveys online to be used within the school. Please follow the steps below to set up:

Step 1: Log into your account at NZCER Assist

Step 2: Select Me and My School from the Dashboard under the Surveys heading

Step 3: Click on the create survey on the top right hand-side of the screen.

Step 4: Fill out the details for the survey and choose a token group name then click Create.

Please note: To ensure survey information remains anonymous, it is recommended to use a generic token name for your groups so that they cannot be identified. All users with the role of Admin within your school will have access to the survey reports, which will be generated based on year level, gender, and ethnicity.

Step 5: Click the Manage Learners icon displayed beneath the Actions heading to export tokens for learners. 

Students will visit to use their token.

Step 6: Reporting becomes available as soon as 10 or more students have completed their survey. No need to contact NZCER to generate school reporting. Click on the report icon to view reports.