Only Administrators can create W@S Teacher Survey. Please note that this survey is for Teaching staff only. Steps below:

Step 1: Log on to Wellbeing@School at NZCER Assist -

Step 2: Click on the Subscriptions menu and select Wellbeing@School Toolkit (W@S) (Note: ignore this step if already subscribed).

Step 3: Click on the Dashboard menu option and select Wellbeing@School Toolkit (W@S) under the Surveys heading:

Step 4: Click on the create survey on the top right hand-side of the screen.

Step 5: Fill out the details and click create. (Note: the system will automatically assign a 10 week end date but reports will become available once he minimum of 5 responses have been submitted.)

Step 6: Copy and email the unique URL survey administration link with your staff to assign them the survey. You can do so by clicking the Manage Learners icon displayed beneath the Actions heading, then clicking the clipboard icon to the right of the URL address: 

Step 7: Teachers will click on the survey administration link and be redirected to NZCER Assist login page (the orange coloured website).

  • Teachers who have an NZCER Assist account: They can log in using their username and password.
  • Teachers who do not have an NZCER Assist account: They will be prompted to create one by clicking on Sign up Now!

Once logged in/signed up, teachers will see an 'Assist Onboarding' screen. Click 'Onboard' and they will be connected to the survey.

Step 8: Teachers can view their unique token required to sit the survey by logging on to NZCER Assist, clicking on the Dashboard and then the My Assignments tab:

Step 9: Teachers can sit the survey by entering their token code at NZCER Online - or clicking the Start button