Introduction to Assist

NZCER Assist is our new online platform that replaces the legacy NZCER Marking site. We have combined the best parts of the Marking site with a range of new features to offer our customers an improved online experience.  For online subscriptions of assessments, completing SMS file uploads, adding teachers, and managing students, you will need to create an account within NZCER Assist.

Step 1: Register for an account within NZCER Assist 

(a) Onboarding Link

Organisation’s Administrator will share an onboarding link with its staff. This link is unique to your organisation only and will immediately grant you teacher access role.


  • Enter on your browser.
  • Click on Sign Up Now.
  • Fill out the form by entering your details to register.


  • Check your inbox or spam folder for an activation link.

Create/Join an Organisation

  • Enter your MoE number.
  • Select Join.

(b) Admin creates user account

In some cases Organisation’s Administrator create teacher accounts on behalf of teachers. In this situation the administrator will be prompted to create a username and password for the teachers. Administrators have to share the username and password with teachers. Teachers will then use these details to log into NZCER Assist. Teachers can also reset their password if they like.

Step 2: Teachers must be assigned to their class

Once the teacher accounts have been created and teachers can successfully log in, teachers have to ensure that the administrator has assigned them their class. Dashboard appears with all the assessments and teachers will have access to all their students.


Step 3: Getting assessment data into your Assist site

(a) Online testing - printing student tokens


You can export the tokens by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on Dashboard

Step 2: Choose the assessment subject

Step 3: Select the assessment group you'd like to print tokens for

Step 4: Click on Manage Users

Step 5: Click on Export Tokens on the top of the screen

Step 6: Choose PDF or CSV


(a) Paper testing - entering data

Step 1: Click on Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Manage Users 

Step 3: Click on the data entry icon (2nd keyboard looking icon under Actions column, right hand-side of the screen)

Step 4: Enter the data

Step 5: Click + Create


Step 4: View reports for the assessments

Step 1: Click on Dashboard

Step 2: Choose the assessment subject

Step 3: Click on the reports icon

School wide reporting and historic reports are available now!

Step 5: Print reports 

Step 1: Click on Dashboard

Step 2: Choose the assessment from the subscribed assessment

Step 3: Click on report button (report looking icon, right hand-side of the screen) 

Step 3: Click on print button (top right hand-side of the screen) 

Further analyse your students data to support teaching and learning programmes, phone or email to register a workshop with one of our education advisors.

For more step-by-step process information on completing tasks in NZCER Assist please click here. Feel free to get in touch with our Assessment Services team on 04 802 1630 or email us on 

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