Each of the Junior Science: Thinking with Evidence tests has been designed with a year level in mind. Each test can, however be used productively at other year levels. When selecting a test it is important to consider whether the level of difficulty of the test is appropriate for the students. Tests that are too easy or too difficult will not provide precise achievement measures and could also be demotivating.

The table below shows the year levels for which each test will be most useful. These recommendations have been based on data collected at the start of the school year. Schools that want to use a test near the end of the year should bear this in mind.

Teachers are encouraged to preview the tests before they are administered. In particular they should consider the reading demand that the test entails, especially at Year 4. 

If necessary, you can choose to read the questions to students. Please note however, that this will invalidate comparisons with the normative information (high, medium, low) as the students in the norming study where generally not provided with reading support.

The recommended year levels for each test:

Test number             
Recommended year levels* 
*Bold print indicates the year level for which the test was originally developed.