Student names and demographics  from MUSAC, KAMAR, eTAP, Assembly and SchoolMaster is uploaded directly to NZCER Marking by the school’s administrator using a .csv file format (please see Step 1 for information on extracting your data to a .csv file).


    1. Log into the NZCER Marking site ( using your administrator username and password.
    2. From the ‘Site Management’ page choose ‘SMS Upload’.
    3. Browse and select the file to upload.
    4. Choose class groupings for reporting. It is recommended that you choose homeroom class groupings (e.g. 9WD, 6LD, Room5 etc..) in order to allow you to access the full range of class level, as well as year level, reporting. You should NOT select the year level or whole school groupings at this stage, the website will work these out for you.
    5. Create assessments for each class group by ticking the box next to the relevant test type. The drop down button next to each assessment allows you to also specify the test number.
    6. Click ‘Confirm’ to finish.

If you are not able to upload the file yourselves or if you have a different SMS, you can prepare your own csv (excel) file and email the file to NZCER at who will be able to upload it on the school’s behalf.

Please use the sample file below as an example/template. Columns with a red header contain essential information while columns with a yellow header are optional.